Muo, Reforma Compatibility Patch V1.8 ATS (1.47)

American Truck Simulator MUO, Reforma Compatibility Patch V1.8 mod download.

v1.8 2023-04-27
Important: As per the announcement regarding Reforma 2.5.4, the Sierra Nevada sectors have been removed from the Reforma map file. Those sectors have been removed from this patch as well. If you want to continue using Reforma Sierra Nevada with both the main Reforma Map and Minor/Lite Urban Overhaul, you will need to download Reforma Sierra Nevada AND MUO/Sierra Nevada Compatibility Patch.
Compatibility update with ATS 1.47, Minor Urban Overhaul v15.6, and Reforma 2.5.4
Merged changes from Reforma 2.5.4 to this patch (some roads had to be reverted back to vanilla to accommodate this change)
Sectors for Reforma Sierra Nevada Legacy have been removed in the Reforma map file, so those sectors have been moved to MUO/SN Compatibility Patch
Signage changes at the US-101/CA-126 interchange in Oxnard
Added missing central concrete barrier at the US-101 rest area between Los Angeles and Oxnard
Fixed various model look and variant errors within the patch sectors
Added trivision billboards within the patch sectors
Bug and signage fixes

This mod adds connections between Reforma Map and Quaristice’s Minor Urban Overhaul.

The mod fixes connections in these areas:
Uses Quaristice’s I-580 and I-80 connection between MUO’s Oakland and the refreshed Reforma Sacramento (ATS 1.40-1.43)
Uses PaZz’s I-5 and I-8 connections to Carlsbad and San Diego (ATS 1.40-1.46)
Uses n1cky1992’s I-10 connection between PaZz’s Quartzsite and MUO’s Phoenix (ATS 1.40-1.46)
Adds I-10 connection between MUO’s Los Angeles and Reforma’s Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and the refreshed PaZzMod areas
It also uses Mega Resources and SCS California signage in the MUO interstates, such as Los Angeles, Carlsbad, San Diego, Oakland, and Stockton. Moreover, as SCS, Reforma, and Quaristice update their map areas, this patch will also be updated to reflect the changes.

Reforma Map and either Minor or Lite Urban Overhaul are required.

Load order:
MUO/SN Compatibility Patch (optional) (ATS 1.47 and newer)
MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch
Reforma Sierra Nevada Legacy (optional) (ATS 1.47 and newer)
Reforma map file
Mega Resources (ATS 1.43 and newer)
Either Minor Urban Overhaul or Lite Urban Overhaul

Supported Game Versions: 1.47

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.47

Authors: defeoac

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