Nissantruck Ai Vans Pack V3.0 ETS2 1.41

Nissantruck Ai Vans Pack 3.
My ai vans mod is for the Ai traffic only.
My ai vans can be seen in the traffic as ai vehicles only.
My ai vans are not state,country or any Dlc dependent.
You should be able to see the ai vans in traffic.
Some other ai car mods can affect the ai vans in this package,
mainly if they have similar company names or similar internal names
or if you have many other ai car packs.
If you only use my ai packs,then they should work fine.
This ai vans pack has been tested with Ets2 1.41.
These vans should work after that version of the Ets2 will have an update as long as Scs will not update the vans at all.
You can use all of the ai van packs at the same time or use them separately the choice is yours.
You can also use my ai van packs,with my ai trailer packs for the Ets2.
The ai vans in this ai pack are my first ai cars,that i have done.
I have only made ai trailers and trailer skins before.I may update this ai vans pack later.
This pack is made by Nissantruck.

#### Important information for modders. ####
Do not make any changes to this ai vans mod or add it to your own ai cars pack,because it is possible that my ai vans mod will not work or it could have problems with it mainly not working right,with out modding this works well.With my ai packs,this pack works well.

The company list for the ai vans:
Db Schenker
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: Nissantruck

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