North America Map V002 ATS (1.43.x)

American Truck Simulator North America Map V002 mod download.

Change v.002 v1.43: fixed road break on I95 at Kingsland Ga.

It is C2C, rCanaDream, Route Alaska map, Island Map, Montana Expansion, Midwest Expansion, Project Mid Atlantic, Project Better Arizona, US 24 extension, Vermont Map, Sierra Nevada Legacy, Reforma [Mexico Part] and just for fun, Radiator Springs put into 1 mod.

They call me K-DOG and I made this possible.

To Mandrid: The break is in C2C v2.12.43.5. I can post a fix for you if you like.

It will work with Caribbean Map if you load both models files and the C2C Connector above this mod and the def_map file below. It does not work with ProMods Canada or discover Ontario for obvious reasons.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.43.x

Authors: Digital X, SteelAndCities, And K-DOG

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  1. Vincent says:

    This mod is awesome! I’m assuming this mod will be updated to work with future versions of ATS, like 1.44.x and so on, after they are released?

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