Real Al Country Spawns Add-On V21.1 ETS2 (1.48)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Real Al Country Spawns Add-on V21.1 mod download.

Add-on updated for Jazzycat’s pack version v21.1! This update is compatibility update for new ETS2 version 1.48.5 – works only with this version of the game! Reason I decided to do special update (although I said I will do only one per two cars added by Jazzycat) is that SCS added new AI cars, which needed to set their spawns correctly, and to include new country that wasn’t featured in the add-on yet – Kosovo. That means this update is ready for release of the new map DLC West Balkans!

News for this version:
– Added spawn ratios for Subaru Outback ’20 added by Jazzycat in v21.1.
– Correct spawns of all cars set for the Kosovo country, featured in the new DLC West Balkans.
– Correct spawns set for all new passenger AI cars added by SCS in update 1.48.5 (you can meet them also outside the Balkans, unlike in SCS spawns).
– NEW FEATURE – Trailer variety. Jazzycat’s cars with hook now appear with more types of trailers in the traffic, with correct trailers frequency. See main post for more info.
– Changed wheels for SCS Peugeot Boxer (van now uses same wheels as SCS Fiat Ducato) and Jazzycat’s VW Golf III (too small wheels).
– Fixed spawn ratios of SCS Mercedes-Benz GLS, which appeared inappropriately and too often in some countries.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.48

Authors: Dejf94

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