Real Cargo Weight V1.0.1 ETS2 (1.42.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Real Cargo Weight V1.0.1 mod download.

Mod corrects cargo weights and *rewards.
Actually it affect only specs in `dlc_oversize` DLC, while `dlc_heavy_cargo` and `dlc_trailers` are looks legit.

Requirements: Special Transport DLC

Boiler Part 45t(70t) to 140t, reward 36 to 107
Cat 785c 55t(70t) to 102t, reward 39 to 94
Industrial Condenser 120t, reward 39 to 110
Cat 6060 excavator Bucket 25t to 40t, reward 31.5 to 62
Coiled Heat exchanger 77t(70t) to 163t, reward 40.5 to 172
Construction Staircase 55t, reward 33 to 45
Michelin 59/80 R63 x4 20t to 19.6t, reward 31.5 to 38
Silo 40t to 30t, reward 31.5 to 37
Service Boat 25t to 14t, reward 37.5 to 42
Mystery box 44t, reward 39 to 64
Mystery cylinder 45t, reward 36 to 54

Biggest boilers are 120-140t, ingame looks huge.
Cat 785c is 102t
Industrial Condensers upto 120t
Cat 6060 mass is 500t, bucket should be near 40t while bucket for 75t trucks near 4.5t
Coiled Heat exchangers 5m x 55m are 500t, ingame size 5×18, so it gives us 163t
Construction Staircase aren’t huge, keep standart 55t
Michelin 59/80 R63 4.9t each there are 4 like this, it gives us 19.6t.
Silo can contain 250t-500t of different stuff, once installed, 500t silo weight 28t, thisone have “giant” label, so let’s say 30t
Service Boat looks like Cabin cruiser for 48f size, it’s 14t of weight
Mystery box/cylinder left as they are 44t & 45t, just reward was corrected.

Steer carefully when drive huge cargo
Speed is your friend when road goes up
Retarder is your friend when road goes down
Diff-lock is your best friend
Shifter is better friend than A-transmission even in powermode
Lift axle for stronger contact on a “non-flat roads”

P.S. Default speed limit 60 km/h is more than enough, in some countries it’s x2 slower.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.42.x

Authors: nikitasius

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