Real Classic Al Country Spawns Add-On V1.0 ETS2 (1.50)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Real Classic Al Country Spawns Add-on V1.0 mod download.

I continued in my work with real country spawns, as I presented in my main mod, Real AI Country Spawns Add-on for Jazzycat I posted here earlier. Hereby I am happy to intruduce my next and very similar add-on, this time for Traffic_Maniac’s Classic cars traffic pack.

This add-on sets all cars to REAL SPAWNS BY COUNTRY they appear in. Every country has custom setting of all cars spawning, according to the real traffic and car brands popularity. Spawns follow also country’s wealth, which means no more luxury cars on every corner in less wealthy countries like Romania or Macedonia for example.

Countries with spawns set are all SCS countries. Add-on also supports and set spawns for these map mods: Promods, Promods Middle-East, Promods Great Steppe, Road to Asia (by Terramaps), Mahgreb Map, Java Road Revolution map (= Indonesia map).

Important notice:
– You need original Traffic_Maniac’s Classic AI pack in order for my add-on to work! – Currently needed is Classic AI pack v11.6.4 and ETS2 version 1.50.
– Real spawns means rare cars like Ferraris, Aston Martins are set as really rare and in very limited number of wealthiest countries. That means it may take a lot of in-game time to meet any of those.
– Spawns are set to be combined with Jazzycat’s Traffic pack, especially in combo with my Real AI Country Spawns Add-on for Jazzycat.

If combined with my Real Spawns add-on for Jazzycat’s AI pack, this is how to manage them in mod manager:

#1 Add-on – Real Classic AI Country Spawns add-on for Traffic_Maniac
#2 Def file – Traffic_Maniac’s Classic pack definiton – doesn’t matter if “def” or “jaz”, I used “jaz” – use one of those, not both.
#3 Base file – Traffic_Maniac’s Classic pack base file
#4 Add-on – Real AI Country spawns add-on for Jazzycat

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.50

Authors: Edit by Egon, big credits to Traffic_Maniac for his great mod.

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