Real Emergency Ai Pack V1.48.5 ETS2 (1.48)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Real Emergency Ai Pack V1.48.5 mod download.

– Mod adding in traffic on-duty versions of all SCS stock police andemergency vehicles with beacon and personalized siren sounds
– All vehicles have personalized sounds for all EU countries covered by SCS
– each vehicle can spawn only with beacon or with beacon and sound, while the sound is also not continuous
– each siren sound has a length between 20-30 seconds and the gap untilthe sound will start again is random (siren sound cannot start while Aiis static)
– on-duty vehicles equipped also with airhorns that will play randomly when static
– all vehicles have also engine sound (imported from my Real Ai sounds)
– no sounds for vehicles spawned in road events

other mod features only available if used together with my Real Traffic Density mod:

– Emergency vehicles have own speed class, however every Ai will obey traffic signs and red lights
– spawn on all type of roads with various density (still higher in cities)
– default police and emergency (without beacon and sounds) are restricted only to local roads
– a silent version of Real Emergency vehicles (with beacon but less probability of having a sound) can also spawn on local roads
– Ai vehicles spawning in cities and motorways will be more likely to have a sound

Supported game versions: ETS2 – 1.48

Authors: Cip

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