Reworked Train Sounds V1.01 ATS (1.44.x)

American Truck Simulator Reworked Train Sounds V1.01 mod download.

Version 1.01 – Made mod compatible with all versions of the game, at least for now.

Version 1.0 – Initial public release.

Replaces the original train sounds with new and improved ones. These sounds will attenuate realistically based on distance and angle, to provide a realistic soundscape whether you are near a train, or far away.
Trains will now give two quick horn blasts when starting from a stop, as they do in the real world. Additionally, a new locomotive bell sound has been added. You will hear it come on any time the horn is used, and stop 10 seconds after the last horn blast in any given situation.
Crossing gate sounds have been replaced with a more modern ebell sound, which is commonly heard throughout the United States. They have been modified to attenuate more realistically as well.
This mod was built to be light weight, and modifies a minimal amount of original game files. This should ensure a maximum amount of compatibility with other mods.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.44.x

Authors: Deebz__

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