Scenery Towns Northwest V0.20 ATS (1.46)

American Truck Simulator Scenery Towns NorthWest V0.20 mod download.

Changelogs v0.20
I have updated the mod with a lot of new features. So let’s see all of them.

In this version the towns of Haugen and Lookout Pass have been added.
In Haugen, the Faraday company is expanding its electrical substation.
While in the Lookout Pass recreational area, the Deepgrove company is dedicated to obtaining wood.

Scenery Towns Northwest seeks to improve the game’s signage and add small towns to the original ATS content in the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

The initial area of the mod is around Lookout Pass between Idaho and Montana where the electrical substation has been added in the town of Haugan where you can deliver and obtain jobs. Some signs between Lookout Pass and Haugan have also been improved according to the images on Google Maps.

The mod uses content and in-game parts from the following DLCs:

The DLC used in this mod can be obtained in the Steam pack “Northwest Bundle” since in future versions the Wyoming DLC will also be required.

Supported game versions: ATS – 1.46

Authors: SceneryTowns

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  1. GT182 says:

    Where does this mod, Scenery Towns Northwest V0.20 ATS (1.46), go in the activated loader order for ATS? Vinnie hasn’t included it his Mod Load order list yet.

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