Truck Sound Pack ETS2 1.41

Update for 1.40, 1.41

The most complete engine sound pack for all SCS trucks and lot of truck mods!

See below instructions and how configurate right to work fine


Truck Mods
Any Other Sound Mod

SETUP SOUND GAME (Sound Options)

ENGINE TRUCK VOLUME – Increase or decrease engine truck sound.
EXHAUST TRUCK VOLUME – Enable or Disable turbo blow-off valve, you can increase or decrease this valve volume sound.
TRUCK SOUND EFFECTS – Increase or decrease air brake, gear air and grind, horn`s, air horns and revere signal.

BLOW-OFF VALVE – When you enable this sound, him only work when throttle up to 70%, early than this, blow-off valve keep off.

This mod change all original trucks and truck mod sounds as below listed.

– DAF 95ATi (XBS)
– DAF 95ATi (bobo58)
– DAF F241 (XBS)
– DAF XF (Victor de Paula)
– DAF XF 105 (50Keda)
– DAF XF 105 (50keda/Schumi/abalazs/AlexeyP)
– DAF XF 105 (vad&k)
– DAF XF Euro6 (Schumi)

– Ford Cargo (South Gamer)
– Ford Cargo (JP Truck)
– Ford Cargo (Ömer Fırat CATAL)
– Ford Cargo (Fernando Gamer)
– Ford F-Max (MetehanB./Yasin Calim/Ferhat Gur)
– Ford F-Max (SimülasyonTÜRK)

– Iveco Hiway (Maycon Godoi/Factor Gamer BR)
– Iveco Hiway (Schumi)
– Iveco Hiway (Matt_07ita)
– Iveco Hiway (Fernando Gamer)
– Iveco Hiway (Jekich1,SCS,Gaykov)
– Iveco Stralis (Fernando Batista)
– Iveco S-Way (HBB)
– Iveco TurboStar (HBB)

– MAN BR do Magrao (Rony Nunes)
– MAN TGA (MADster/CobraBlue6)
– MAN TGS (MADster/CobraBlue6)
– MAN TGX (MADster/CobraBlue6)
– MAN TGX Euro 6 (MADster/CobraBlue6)
– MAN TGX 2020 (TradeOfTrucks/Markll/Husky)
– MAN TGX 2020 (HBB)

– Mecedes Benz 331 (JbartsMods)
– Mercedes 1113 Bau Toco
– Mercedes 1620 (South Gamer)
– Mercedes 1840 (Engine Voice Records/Kriechbaum/BWS Transport)
– Mercedes 1934 (JbArtMods)
– Mercedes 1935 (SouzaSG)
– Mercedes 1938
– Mercedes 2521 (Faruk Aygun)
– Mercedes Actros MP1 (ValheinXL/by_Lexa/Pedro Vendeira/Vitalya Maloy/BWSTransport)
– Mercedes Actros MP2 (PARADOX/ValheinXL/Lynx Modding)
– Mercedes Actros MP2 Black Edition (Dotec)
– Mercedes Actros MP3 (Schumi)
– Mercedes Actros MP4 (Schumi)
– Mercedes Actros MP4 (KOSEOGLU)
– Mercedes Actros MP5 (Mert Iptas)
– Mercedes Actros MP5 (Actros 5 Crew)
– Mercedes AGL (Nielsen Oliveira)
– Mercedes Atego (Madruguinha Mods)
– Mercedes Atron (Gustavo Wallace)
– Mercedes Atron (South Gamer)
– Mercedes Axor (South Gamer)
– Mercedes Antos12 (DANZ/JK)
– Mercedes Antos12
– Mercedes Big Stars (Actros/Arocs WTD)

– Renault Magnum (Knox_xss)
– Renault Major (CyrusTheVirus/Danil Shamshura/Fenix/ETS2Reload/LynxKris/antonio62)
– Renault Premium (Schumi)
– Renault T (Factor Gamer BR)

– Scania LS111 (JbArtMods)
– Scania 111 (SouzaSG)
– Scania 112HW (Tonho/Alan F Wagner/Matias)
– Scania 112HW (LUCCA)
– Scania 113H (LS Mods)
– Scania 113H (Denimar DG/Cacarecos)
– Scania 113H (Antonio Figueroa)
– Scania 113H (Fabio Contier)
– Scania 113H (Rafael Alves)
– Scania 141 Series MTG (JAWA (Maxim Saprykin), Stas556 (Stanislav Smolev), Kriechbaum)
– Scania 141 Series (Shoofer, antonio62)
– Scania 143H (Romario Cardoso)
– Scania 143H (TBL CUSTOM)

– Scania 124G 360 (Faruk Aygun)
– Scania 124G (Daniel Machado)
– Scania 124G (RJL/Rafael Alves)
– Scania G420 Highline (Arda Arslan)
– Scania G (ARJL, Sogard3)
– Scania P/G/R/S (Eugene)
– Scania P (Gustavo Mods)
– Scania P (RJL/ryzenmaster75/Mohammad/Sogard3)
– Scania P220 (Nikola/MRD_Husky)
– Scania P4 (RJL, Mohammad, Sogard3)
– Scania P340 (Vlad5236/Nikita Krutikov)
– Scania P400
– Scania R Series (RJL/Rafael Alves)
– Scania R Series (Joao Paulo Santos)
– Scania R NextGen (Factor Gamer BR)
– Scania R NextGen (Arda Arslan/Mert İrşi/Mert Polat/Muhammed Efe Bal)
– Scania R440 (Verbeek)
– Scania R700 New (Kasuy)
– Scania S Series (RJL/Rafael Alves)
– Scania S NextGen (Factor Gamer BR)
– Scania S520 (Metehan Bilal)
– Scania S730 (Metehan Bilal)
– Scania T S730 NextGen (Azorax Modding)
– Scania T & T4 (RJL/Rafael Alves)
– Scania T NextGen
– Scania T NextGen (Azorax Modding)

– Volvo FM/FMX (Galimim/HD TRUCK TEAM)
– Volvo FH13 (Mod Shop)
– Volvo FH16 2009 (Pendragon)
– Volvo FH16 2009 (Magrao)
– Volvo FH16 2009 (Schumi/Maniek4800/obelihnio/nfshp253/Overfloater)
– Volvo FH16 2012 (Pendragon)
– Volvo FH16 2012 (Joao Paulo Santos)
– Volvo FH16 2012 (Remon Pnoill Israil Enwia)
– Volvo FH16 2013 (Ohaha)
– Volvo FH16 (MarkII/Jeckich1)
– Volvo FH16 (Lucas Santana)
– Volvo FH16 (Dutchliner,Furkan61)
– Volvo FM11 (AU44)
– Volvo NL12 (LS MODS)
– Volvo NL12 (SOUSA SG)
– Volvo VM (Madruguinha Mods)

– Volkswagen Constellation (Dalenha Mods)
– Volkswagen Meteor (Cristhian Cardoso)
– Volkswagen Meteor (Factor Gamer BR)
– Volkswagen Titan (Matheus.F)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.41.x)

Authors: Nescau

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