Used Trucks Dealer V1.5.2 ETS2 1.40

Version 1.5.2:
– Reworked all trucks prices structures (repairing the truck is more expensive now);
– Added a few more trucks (47 total).

Have you ever wanted to have second hand trucks in your game? Well then, this mod is for you! Due to the limitations of the game/modding, this mod requires a certain level of roleplay as it is not possible to do things in a proper/better way. The idea of this mod isn’t new, but the previous one didn’t get an update for over half a year, so I decided to create my own from scratch.

Main features present since version 1.5.1:
Every truck brand/model from the main game as an used truck;
Each truck comes with different kilometres, accessories, part’s wear, engine condition and price;
Some trucks’s paints are washed out, have scratches/dust/rust and some belonged to old companies;
Used trucks have their own dealership in Frankfurt.

Detailed aspects of Used Trucks Dealer mod:
Each used truck comes with a different amount of kilometres and that will define the state of it’s others parts, such as paint, engine and wear. Every used truck has a base price of 55% of it’s new counterpart and it can get up to 12% cheaper (performing a lowest of 43%) if it has a high kilometerage. To balance such low price, the biggest downside of these used trucks is that they are limited on the parts that they come with, therefore, not allowing you to change it’s cabin, chassis, engine, transmission and interior (although it comes with left and right wheel variants, so people in the UK are included in). You still can change it’s color and all the accessories to your liking. Besides this, more kilometres means more wear and you may have to repair your truck even right after you bought it – or who knows, driving an old rusty truck has ‘falling parts’ as a perk.
Another high kilometre balance is engine’s condition! After the 500.000km mark, trucks’s engines will have some “fatigue” and start not reaching their peak’s horse power and they can lose up to 12% of their announced horsepower. Engines indicates it’s condition in it’s name, so when looking at horsepower, consider doing some math to have a perception of it’s real horsepower. Allied to this, each engine got rectified with a proper torque curve, so your RPM plays a bigger role on your truck’s horsepower.

Where to buy used trucks as of v1.5.0?
Iveco decided to borrow their wharehouse in Frankfurt and now used trucks have their own place all together. You can simply drive to the trucks dealer in Frankfurt (still has Iveco flags, I’m not able to change it at the moment) or you can select it in the map and simply buy online or select “visit selected dealer”. In any case, you can also buy them from the mod dealer as before, although now they are all under the “used” tab.

I highly recommend using this mod along a hard economy mod (I might include one in the future, although not sure if people would be interested in such inclusion) as the prices/balances were made with such economy in mind.

This mod is still being worked on and I intend to keep updating it as it’s needed, I’m open to what people have to say to add new ideas (if possible by my limited modding capabilities) or to change current ones. So feel free to leave a comment or create a discussion topic about the mod and, hopefully, new/better mod ideas come along and we all can enjoy it.

None. Mod works on vanilla game with no DLC’s and also works with DLC’s. It should also work with any mods, even if they change the main trucks, as my mod uses independent truck files. You can place it on bottom in your load order.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.40.x)

Authors: Marviluck

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